Standard CW Amplifiers

Model No. Frequency Peak Power
BT00100-AlphaA-CW 10kHz-1MHz 100W
BT00250-AlphaA-CW 250W
BT00500-AlphaA-CW 500W
BT01000-AlphaA-CW 1kW
BT00100-AlphaS-CW 100kHz-30MHz 100W
BT00250-AlphaS-CW 250W
BT00500-AlphaS-CW 500W
BT01000-AlphaS-CW 1kW
BT00100-AlphaSA-CW 0.5MHz-150MHz 100W
BT00250-AlphaSA-CW 250W
BT00500-AlphaSA-CW 500W

Tomco amplifiers can be combined in parallel to produce higher power systems.

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